Friday, September 02, 2005

Jason Godwin - Crime Fighter!

My alter ego
Originally uploaded by Jayce.

I’ve got a mate called Jason Godwin who lives in Holland and is the proud owner of ALMOST ALL of the original Star Wars figures.

I've got a bit of a rubbish comic habit. It started when I realised that Book & Comic Exchange where selling off comics for 10p a go and I've been steadily loading up on them.

They vary from nineties Marvel and DC to good indie comics like 'The Badger' to silly comics such as Warp to very, very bad comics that never got past their first issue.

Once comic features a superhero called 'The Messenger', a scientist named Jason Van De Win (I think) who was developing an adrenalin-enhancing formula to create super-strong soilders.

This being the world of comics the mob get involved and hold De Win and his fiancée hostage until he completes the formula for their own evil purposes but, of course, De Win over-hears a monster saying “Once we have the formula, we’ll kill De Win and his missus” (or some American equivalent, ‘broad’ or ‘old lady’ probably) so De Win take the formula himself. “Must save Kitty, Must…save..Kitty” (or whatever his wife’s name is) he says to himself as his new muscles ripple and he lifts a table for no other reason than he bloody well can now.

De Win defeats most of the mobster and the FBI arrive just in time for shot the mob boss to shoot, and kills, Kitty.

De Win is inducted into the bureau and given a new name, Jason Godwin, and, grief-stricken, he finds a jet-pack from somewhere and fights crime as THE MESSENGER.

He’s rubbish at it, too.


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