Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Haunted Blunkett

My mate Andrew Donkin forwarded this to the SELFS list; it's an article about how Blunkett is still living, at the tax-payers expense, in his South Eaton Place home in London despite his second resignation. In the list of fact-lets at the end of the article, it turns out that, as well as being a corrupt and greedy lecher, David Blunkett believes in ghosts:

"Mr Blunkett has lived in South Eaton Place since 2001. He is said to believe the house may be haunted. He was reported to have complained of unusual noises after dark and a strange chill in some rooms."

Full story.

No wonder he has problems sleeping alone. I think it's the ghost of John Smith, returning to warn him that he will receive a visit from three spectres, each one more terrible than the last, who will warn him of the consequences if he does not change his ways.

New Labour politics and the supernatural, what a perfect blog post!


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