Friday, January 19, 2007

ing Plan

I’m writing my intentions on writing. A blog seems to be a pretty good place to do such a thing too.

My first novel, the one I wrote about nine years ago and have been revising, plugging and thinking about everyday for the last fourteen years shall be going in a box. It’s being sealed up and left for a while because I think I need to do get some experience writing other pieces of fiction before I go back to it.

I wrote a few paragraphs as a start to a new novel, working title Cemetery Junction, the story is my latest attempt as putting themes of folk-stories and fairy-tales into a contemporary circumstance and setting without falling into the various pit-falls other writers trying to do the same thing have fallen into. It’ll be a fun challenge as will be trying to make Reading (the large town) seem like a place where magic can take place.

I’ve also got some short stories in various states of completion and, galvanised by what FandM Publications are up to, I intend to get some of them into a read-able state in the next few months. People are often told that starting a story, on a big, blank page, is the hardest part of writing. Finding the nerve to actually finishing them has turned out to be my problem.

Short stories in semi-made forms:

A ship-wreak story about Europe’s discovery of the Americas and Australia’s and the change of thought that took place between the early modern period and the Enlightenment. It’s called Skiapods.

A sort-of Lovecraft piss-take starring rats: Rat King

A fantasy story about urban legends and a piece of history moving from living memory to mythology and fictoin.

Some south-east London-inspired stories I may string together: The Temple of Bacchus: about where gods may now be found. A Secret Hero of All Humanity: a straight-ish horror story about a supposed haunted house and a fantasy tale about semi-sentient alien drugs: Atlantic Road.

That’s the creative stuff I’ll be trying to do this year. Thanks if you’ve read this far.